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Hi! I'm Carlyn and I am 17 years old. My home town is Austin, Texas. I've lived there all my life and love it to death! However, I will be going off to college this fall at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. UAR has a great food science program and I am excited to go there and further my interest in food and how things work. I love to eat healthy, wholesome, unprocessed food and love to get a good sweat going at the gym, too.  It's a lifestyle that I originally started to loose weight but now it has grown into so much more; I LOVE to live this way!

My main passion is in healthy baking and I love all of the science that goes into baking in general. I bake nearly every day! I also love to cook and share many baking and cooking recipes in this blog. Just because I love eating wholesomely doesn't mean there's no room for dessert! I have dessert every day (homemade, of course). Its all about a healthy balance!

Feel free to email me at carlynoswald@gmail.com
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