Saturday, February 26, 2011

White Bean Blondie #2

I told you guys that I was going to try making those bean blondies again and I wasn't kidding! I couldn't even wait till the old batch was gone before I started on a new batch because I really wanted to make em right.

I made a half batch because I have way too many other fun desserts I want to should see my bookmarks; it's insane!

And this time I scooped my flour instead of weighing it. I decided to see the difference between the two, so I weighed the flour that I scooped. Turns out it was off by 18 grams which is a little over two tablespoons (if I made the full batch, though, it would be off by almost 1/3 cup!) It really does matter whether the person who wrote the recipe intended for the ingredients to be weighed or measured because it can really change the outcome sometimes.
Other changes I made was that I used chocolate chips instead of cocoa nibs, and pecans instead of macadamia nuts. I also used half the rum called for and subbed the other half with water.

Success! The bars were the bomb and everything was much more balanced. Even still, I think they could probably use even more flour to give them some more structure. Or maybe I should just bake them longer?

I took so many tantalizing pictures that I couldn't decide which ones to show y'all, so I'm showing them all!
 And the best part? My first bite out of one of these babies was gorgeous..
Look at that chocolate chip peaking out! :D
I knew adding chocolate chips would be a good idea (:
This time the rum flavor was just right and I loved the contrast of the chocolate chips. The combo of the smoothness with the crunch of the pecans is just out of this world :D
Here's the recipe

Happy baking! <3

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