Sunday, March 13, 2011

East Side Drive In Trailer Park for Lunch

It's officially Spring Break! Unlike most of my friends, who are out traveling during their senior year spring break, I'm stuck at home. So far I've been having lots of fun though!
Yesterday, my dad and I met up with his friend, Al, and his daughter and her baby for lunch over at the East Side Drive In on East sixth street in Austin. When my dad initially asked me if I wanted to go to this trailer park, I had never even heard of it so I decided to look up what kind of trailers were there and if any offered any fun, healthy options.
What I found was that there was an all vegan trailer and another trailer there offering delicious-sounding egg sandwiches so I was totally game to check this trailer park out.
There was eight trailers open (and a couple other trailers that were closed) when we arrived.
Pig Vicious: selling a couple dishes; all including bacon.
The Local Yolk: selling two dishes, the pineapple tuna salad sandwich and "The Florence" a fried egg sandwich with pesto, mozzerella & tomato.
The Vegan Yacht (!): I was excited about this one because it usually has a plethora of vegan options, but today it only had a couple options, mainly vegan frito pie...ehh.
Pueblo Viejo: Mexican taco stand with a variety of taco and tamale choices.
Bits and Druthers: Mainly fried "Fish and Chips"
#19 Bus: hamburgers and Philly cheese steaks (with cool, roof-top seating!)
Hero's Frozen Treats: Shaved ice and frozen yogurt (!)
and for the life of me, I can NOT remember the name of the eighth trailer! It sold pulled pork sandwiches among other things.
The thing with trailer "restaurants" is that their menu is usually extremely limited because of the amount of space they have to work with. Most menus had around just 4 choices. The Vegan Yacht had so many amazing choices up on their menu but they were all crossed out ): All they had were vegan chili and vegan frito pie, which I wasn't in the mood for seeing as it was blistering hot outside. Speaking of the heat, we were only outside for a couple hours and I got sunburned! Texas is getting hot again. (:

Al got an "appetizer" for the table, bacon wrapped pickles!
Obviously, this came from Pig Vicious :)
It came with a SUPER spicy dipping sauce. It was yummy, but isn't anything wrapped in bacon automatically a winner?
My dad got a BLT sandwich from, you guessed it, Pig Vicious.
It came with the usual BLT ingredients along with a basil aioli sauce instead of the typical mayo. He said that it was pretty good and had nice crunch, but nothing to write home about.
Since the Vegan Yacht didn't really have much to offer and the Local Yolk looked closed (turns out it wasn't) I decided upon a taco from Pueblo Viejo. I got the Guaco Taco on corn that had a spicy beef/pepper mixture, fresh spinach, onions, and guacamole. It took a while for my order to be ready, but it was really good! I was so impatient from waiting so long that I forgot to take a picture before I had already taken a few bites..woops!
The beef was tender and packed full of flavor and the spinach and guacamole were so fresh! They really packed a bunch into one taco.
And of course we couldn't leave without some frozen yogurt! Hero's Frozen Treats is mostly about their shaved ice, but they did have 3 frozen yogurt flavors to choose from: macadamia white chocolate, original tart, and cookies and cream along with three topping choices (for an extra 50 cents) of crushed Heath bar, Reeses, or M&M's.
I had never heard of macadamia white chocolate frozen yogurt so I totally had to give that a try! And since I was sharing this with my dad, I went with the heath bar topping since it's his favorite (even though, I would totally choose Heath bar anyways).
It started melting fast in this Texas heat! I liked how, under the peak of yogurt, there was a hidden treasure trove of heath bar. Yum (:
I love this flavor, by the way. So creamy, yet it's fat-free. You can really tell it's supposed to taste like white chocolate macadamia nut!
Fun times had by all and yummy food to boot! My dad and Al wanted a picture with Pig Vicious. It was a pretty epic trailer.
This was my first time at a food trailer park, but surely not my last!

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