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Kashi Mediterranean Pizza and Siggi's Yogurt Review

It's not often that I eat frozen pizzas, especially when homemade ones are just SO good, but whenever I do heat one up, I go for Kashi.
I often see that a lot of people think that Kashi's pizzas are tasteless and resemble cardboard, but I honesty don't see that! Don't get me wrong, there's a bunch of people that love Kashi pizzas (like me!), but they certainly have some haters out there too.
I've tried a couple Kashi pizzas in the past, and I love their fresh, never greasy, flavors and the whole grain crust. The nutritional information is far superior to that of any other frozen pizza I've seen on the market.
The only downside? The size and the price.
I only buy these pizzas when they're on sale; otherwise they are way too expensive for the amount of pizza you're given. The pizza serves 3, but I always end up eating half.
They were recently on sale so I decided to try out a new flavor I haven't tried before, the Mediterranean.
The box is a little misleading; it is much larger than the actual pizza inside.
"Spinach, fire-roasted red onions & sweet red peppers, four signature cheeses including feta with roasted red pepper sauce on a stone-fired Kashi Seven Whole Grains & Sesame with flax seed crust".
Sounds good to me!
You can't really tell in the picture above, but the crust was oddly bent upward on the sides..
I was worried it would stay that way after coming out of the oven, but it ended up flattening out just fine.
After a quick trip in the oven (I love how short these take; 9 minutes!) dinner was ready.
It seems that one side kind-of got jipped on toppings, but that was easily fixed.
I started myself off with two pieces and steamed green beans-
And since I wanted to get the true flavor of the product, I kept one piece unadorned while I topped my other piece with the usual Parmesan cheese, red pepper flake, and a little dried oregano.
The verdict?
I really liked the taste! The feta cheese added a really nice tang and I loved the spinach and tomatoes. Every flavor was in perfect balance and it didn't have too much of any ingredient. However, I liked the slice that had the extra toppings better and eventually topped the unadorned slice with parm and seasonings as well. The pizza "blank" seemed to be missing something and needed that little pop. It also could use some more toppings but that always seems to be the case!

In the end, I would definitely buy this flavor again (after I try all the others!) and give it two thumbs up!
But really, Kashi never seems to disappoint me. All of their products have good ingredient lists and fabulous nutritionals, so it's a great brand to turn to when you want something that you know will be good for you.

Recently, my H-E-B has had Siggi's yogurt coupons for one dollar off ONE single serving container! They're usually $1.88, which is just way out there to ever be something I could buy on a regular basis, but at 88 cents I knew I had to try them out!
The in-store coupon has been available for a couple weeks so over that period of time I have gotten orange & ginger, blueberry, pomegranate & passion fruit, and vanilla which are the only flavors I have seen (at my grocery store).
If you aren't familiar with Siggi's, its a line of skyr yogurts that is VERY thick and creamy. Think how thick Fage yogurt is and then think much thicker, and that's the texture of skyr yogurt.
Ages ago, I remember trying the pomegranate & passion fruit yogurt, but it was so long ago that I couldn't recall much about it. I decided that I should take advantage of the dollar off coupon and get a couple to try out because they'll probably never be that cheap again!
First I tried the orange & ginger-
Naturally, I got out some orange segments for dipping. Oh and that is a piece of toast put under the broiler spread with ranch dressing and topped with mozzarella cheese. KILLER COMBO!! Sadly, I went a little overboard on the cheese, but it was still killa! (Try this..ASAP)
Now here is the BEST part about Siggi's...
Somehow, this extremely creamy, thick, and delicious substance is non fat, packed with protein, and only has 9 grams of sugar! Compare that to the usual 20-25 grams of other flavored greek yogurts.
And it only gets better with the ingredient list..
I really am not a fan of flavored greek yogurts (like chobani, fage, etc) because they always make them SO sweet! I like to eat yogurt in the morning, and I end up getting a headache because of the sweetness overload.
Siggi's, however just lightly sweetens their yogurt. Their yogurt is seriously everything I would ever want in a yogurt, and that's saying something.

I first tried my orange & ginger yogurt with a spoon as to get a clear taste of the actual product. It had an orange flavor, but it wasn't so in-your-face as other flavored yogurts are. I love the little bits of ginger throughout, but their wasn't enough! As a dip for oranges, the yogurt worked perfectly, but I decided to amp it up with a little bit more candied ginger.
After that simple addition, the yogurt went from fabulous to phenomenal! (Creamy, chewy, spicy, get the picture)

I used the vanilla yogurt as a base for a dessert one night by popping it in the freezer for a bit just to give it a little "frozen yogurt" feel and then adding some crushed up chocolate covered pretzels and a chopped chocolate covered caramel.
This stuff is THICK, I'm telling you!
As you might be able to tell, there are actually REAL pieces of vanilla bean (the little black dots) in Siggi's vanilla yogurt. This one only has 10 grams of sugar (that's including natural lactose) and tastes better than any vanilla yogurt I have ever had.

As for the other two yogurts, I haven't tried them yet but I'm sure they're just as stellar.
If you like thick and creamy yogurt with subtle flavor, good ingredients, and just lightly sweetened, then Siggi's is definitely the way to go.
Unfortunately, Siggi's is just way too expensive for me to buy as my "go-to" yogurt. Especially since I really do just like plain old plain yogurt! Of course, it's so pricey because you're paying for quality ingredients. This yogurt is top-notch, people!

Are you a Kashi hater or lover? Ever heard of Siggi's yogurt before? I think this brand isn't well known because I haven't seen it much around the blog world, but it should be!

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