Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Recap

This post will be mostly pictures because I think pictures can sometimes tell more than words.
These were taken on an old film camera I have with Kodak BW400CN film.

Tyson was a real cutie on Christmas; Missy was no were to be found. I'll do a post later on Missy and Tyson.
His favorite couch.
Tyson reading some of my gifts :D

There was stocking and popper opening-
Us kids love our mini disco balls, as you can see.
He's a trooper, isn't he?
That's Devon opening her popper, if you can't tell.

There was cookie decorating (and eating)-
One of those gingerbread men is Guy Fieri, can you guess which one?
Dogs were sat on-
And presents were opened. But I didn't get any pictures of that because I was "Santa's Helper" aka, I was the person handing out all the gifts from under the tree. Its a very special role I assure you. (:

The kids plus Aunt Johanna.
And here's a color picture just in case you were wondering if you have gone color blind.
That's (from left to right) sister Devon, mom (Kim) , dogs Missy and Tyson, brother Nick, me, brother Justin, and my dad (George). We actually got Missy in for that one (barely)!

I got some really cool books (all food related, because I actually hate reading, sorry!) a TomTom, money, and a lot of cooking/baking supplies among other things. All the stuff I got are things that are really useful, which I like.  I might do a post on the books I got later, they're really interesting (thanks mom!).

Overall it was a great Christmas filled with laughter, apples to apples, and good eats!

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