Sunday, January 2, 2011

Some of Yesterday's Eats

Well I was a little busy yesterday but I did manage to take a picture of some of the things I ate, since I didn't think of the idea of starting the blog since after breakfast I don't have a picture of that but it was memorable.

Lunch was, however, VERY good. I started off with Oroweat Healthfull 10 grain bread, some cranberry cinnamon goat cheese, eggplant spread, and zucchini.
The dip looks a little gross, but its mighty good!
I made that eggplant dip about a week ago as part of a Christmas appetizer spread; it has roasted eggplant, onion, and garlic in it along with some other things. I tasted it before I added cilantro in there, and it was great, but once I added the cilantro it didn't work as well for me. I had this very strange aversion to cilantro where sometimes I'll hate it and sometimes I'll love it. Most cases I seem to like it in hot foods or when it is cooked into the dish but will not like it in cold applications or when it is a garnish. It's so weird because I really do love almost every food, but cilantro is my downfall!
ANYWAYS, in this sandwich everything was hot so the eggplant tasted great.
I got this goat cheese at costco a couple weeks ago and absolutely LOVE it. Its great on anything (especially broiled with pears!!)
Here's a shot of the inside, which for some reason the picture insists on being sideways..
So I grilled up a couple slice of zucchini, spread the goat cheese on one slice, eggplant dip on the other, and grilled it in a skillet till the bread was toasty and the insides were warmed.
Finished product
uhm, YUM!!! This was SO good.. there was layers if crunchy and creamy. You go from the crunch from the bread, to the creaminess of the eggplant, right back to the crunch of the zucchini, and then smooth goat cheese to finish it off. I'm sure if you were making this sandwich and didn't have the eggplant dip you could just as easily grill some slices of eggplant and use that.
On the side I had some leftover cauliflower from the indian inspired dinner I made the night before. It was roasted in coconut oil and seasoned with a plethora of indian spices (mainly curry). Pretty much coconut curry in cauliflower form. I could probably eat just a whole plate of this..
Can you see the salt crystals? Mmmm...
Well my dad wants to go to Costco now, I LOVE going to that place. Hello free samples! :D We're probably going to stop by the sprint store too because my HTC Touch Pro 2 is giving me major troubles. Well, it's actually been a pain in the rear ever since I got it but last night was my last straw with the thing. I won't go into too much detail but let's just say I've had enough!
Off to Costco!

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