Monday, January 10, 2011


Yesterday I had many of my most valuable belongings taken from me, along with things that can't simply be replaced. My purse was like a junk drawer. Except for instead of junk, it was things very important to me. Little things, too. I feel almost violated because now this thief knows so much about me. He knows where I go to school, the phone numbers and addresses that were in my phone, pictures of my family and friends, my house keys, my address, access to my facebook and twitter (which I will now be changing the password to), etc. The process of replacing all the things that can be replaced is long and costly. Cost of changing all the locks and getting new keys, replacing the car window, getting a new license, getting a new school ID, phone, camera, wallet, purse, etc. I feel as if it's so unfair. I know it could be so much worse, but it is so hard to be glad that worse things didn't happen when I feel as if my life was kind of torn apart. The fact is, they're never going to find him. He's going to do it again, and get away with it. I just wish I had my stuff back!
Anyways, there's nothing I can do now except replace all the things I can and forgot about all the things that I can't.
I will take some pictures (using my dad's camera) of tonight's dinner and possible baking adventures (!!) and will resume posting (:
I had a lot of awesome pictures to show you guys but they're gone now :/ Oh well..

Thanks for all the nice comments guys (:
<3 Carlyn

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